Won't You Take Me With You

by Daniel Knox

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dexterh2o Daniel Knox has the kind of cynical altruism that slaps you in the head like bad fish from Trader Joe's. Do not go gently into that good trite.
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Grant the baroque yearning of Scott Walker's Brel covers wade in sprawling passages of Shannon Wright's anxious, introverted genius. nothing but ad/oration, miration 🖤 Favorite track: Fool In The Heart.
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kins I mean, let's face it, after only a few listens, one feels like this is Daniel Knox's finest and most significant record to date. Favorite track: King Of The Ball.
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Nathan Nice This album gets more amazing each and every time I listen to it. Kudos! Favorite track: Vinegar Hill.
I want to be right where I’m supposed to be I want to kill everyone close to me I want to wreck everything and then say that it’s mine That’ll be fine I want the piece I walked in the door with I want the dollar they started the store with And if I asked for it all would that be such a crime? Don’t waste my time Dropping a coin from the sky to see where it falls What absolutely kills you makes me tall King of the ball Oh what a wonderful mind-bending joy it is Feelings mutual, sure it is, boy it is I want to kiss you and scream and then spit in your eye Waving goodbye Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! That’s the sound of the demon whose come to collect If you see me in hell what did you expect Who’s next?
Vinegar Hill 05:28
Listen to me ramble Listen to me sing Listen to me I don’t owe you a goddamn thing Give me the brush I’ll give you a song Far better men than me were known to be wrong Look at my face Are you alone? Look at me, not me, look at the one in your phone The shape of the forehead It’s a little bit crooked? Oh shit - Do you know what I’m thinking? What do you think I’m about? I’m gonna get in your head and kick my way out I pick my battles When I’m on the attack I’m gonna disappear and then come roaring back Why don’t you give me the bad news Throw me away I’ll do absolutely whatever you say I wanna get better Ah, but do you believe me? You’ll have to excuse me This is where I come in It’s-where you left off but-I’m about to begin I wanna take you with me Up in the clouds Let you go and laugh as you fall down I gotta call my lawyer Get in the way I don’t think you hear what I’m trying to say We’re gonna make a few changes And hope nobody’d notice You looked better with a -
Fall Apart 04:26
You give away, A piece at a time, What you said you’d never sell at any price You see the hand Reaching out You’d cut it off before you'd let it push you down And if you feel the way I do I’ve got bad news for you They’re gonna get your story wrong You’re gonna join the likes of me now sing along - Ahh - watching it all fall apart Ahh - watching it all fall apart This was the house We used to own The neighbors watched us from the window with the phone We parked the car A mile away Walking back we couldn’t think of what to say Would you tell me something nice Would you take me by the hand Speak in a language I know Give me the look that only I would understand Ahh - watching it all fall apart Ahh - watching it all fall apart Bricks and plastic and twine What was yours? What was mine? You can keep whatever… you find And you may think you let me go But there’s something you should know I’m gonna show up in a dream You’re gonna have a hard time letting go Ohh - look at it all fall apart On no - watching it all fall apart
Let’em both in when you're at the side door Invisible friend like I told you before Sneaking around like you think it’s a crime Tell me when was the last time You saw him alive With your own eyes Alone in the dark. Make it come true Sing this song like it was about you Fool in the heart Fool in the heart Fool in the heart At the hotel in the parking lot Turning around, forget what you saw The flesh and the ash, the money to burn Somebody asked if you could return To your own time Remember what’s mine A smack in the mouth Like the real thing Hear my voice far away sing Fool in the heart Fool in the heart Fool in the heart If this room goes on forever And the walls seem to attack If we force our lives together One of us won’t make it back So close your eyes and die . . . . . . now where was I? I think I remember how it goes. Something about - “I’m disappearing and I can’t return” Oh - - - - Crash your car into the side of the road you stupid old man If you think that gets you where you’re going If you think it makes you more than just a Fool in the heart Fool in the heart Fool in the heart
This is a song about a girl from Carbondale Who had a brother and sister And in 1970 the brother died But she kept getting older And at times she felt alone In a crowd Ohhh... This is the part about the house I never saw Outside of pictures and memories And a Christmas on TV Glass of wine Half full... All day, all night It was something that could start a fight Or forget about the whole thing And tell a story over by the sink I know a song about a girl who liked to dance She told me over and over To be careful out at night Or far away; Don’t go Don’t go Don’t stay It all comes back then gets away From the kindness of a patient heart Or the moment when you fall apart This is a song about a girl from Carbondale
Look At Me 07:33
Look at me Then look away Make a wish On pocket change Your favorite weapon Is back in fashion Ahhhh Ahhhh In somebody's arms In somebody's heart Love is a dream you have in the dark You have to remember you’re always alone Ahhhh Ahhhhhhhh I climbed into a strangers car Goodbye Farewell And au revoir . . . Always disappearing For nothing For no one . . . As it once was, so it will be There is always someone near me Moving slowly when you’re older Kill the angel on your shoulder . . .
I saw someone alone in a parked car That made me wonder where you are For all this time Were you a friend of mine? You leave a trail where you go Ohh - - I heard a voice under my bed Sounded like something you once said So long, here’s to your health Why don’t you just kill yourself Mmm mmm mmm... Cut through the yard while time passes How can you see me without glasses - - You’re disappearing, I know it, I won’t let you Moving so slow that I can’t catch you Ahhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh…. Something brushed up against me at midnight Guess I’ll prepare for the long fight I drive a lonely road Sing in a meaningless code Backwards and forwards Following orders Look for my hand in the night I thought you just might
Lights Out 01:48
I’m outside in the car Miles from where you are If it gets dark this time, it really will be I’ll keep you off my mind if it kills me My spotlight is fading out You left to beat the crowd Someone told me looks can be deceiving There comes a time when you just stop believing
No Horizon 05:10
When I was only five Some people came to our house They took me with them and fled I went willingly, or those who’d seen so said In 1999 I turned up again With no memory where I’d been And people said that I seemed different then No horizon To look off to No horizon Only paper And your body will betray you Somebody will betray you When my body was found I was fifty years old I’d seen that room before But forgot about the distant sound I’ll get it right next time around I’ll run-right away from anyone Who tells me they know where I’m from No horizon No horizon No horizon No horizon No horizon


released January 15, 2021

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Knox
Produced by Daniel Knox & Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek
Engineered and mixed by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio
Mastered by Greg Obis at Chicago Mastering Service
Photos by John Atwood
Design by Sheila Sachs
Piano, Synth, Vocal: Daniel Knox
Guitar: Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek
Electric Bass: Paul Parts
Drums: Colby Starck
String Bass / Orchestrations : Jim Cooper
Violin and Viola: Andra Kulans
Cello: Nora Barton
Saxophone: Nate Lepine
Timpani: Nick Jones

© Webb Whale Music 2021
© H.P. Johnson Presents



all rights reserved



Daniel Knox Chicago, Illinois


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