Evryman For Himself

by Daniel Knox



Picking up where Disaster left off, Evryman For Himself features a full band and larger arrangements, with contributions from Jason Toth, Paul Parts, David Coulter, and the horns of Ralph Carney. Second entry in The Disaster Trilogy.


released May 10, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ghostsong
When I come back to life I’ll find you
Push my thumbs into your eyes and blind you
And when you hear your name called out across a crowded street
You’ll think of me and swear the ground was stolen from your feet

In the old apartment or the place beneath the stairs
Reaching for a groping palm or vacant stares
Call the cops or call one of your well meaning friends
Time will see them scatter off to fight what they defend

If you die tomorrow or a hundred years from now
There won’t be an article or a furrowed brow
Yours is like the spirit of the breeze that blows through town
No one remembers unless it knocks something down
Track Name: I Make Enemies
I make enemies everywhere I go
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I go
I make enemies everywhere I go
All day long

And if you’re sick and tired of how treated
It’s only human to feel cheated
Everybody’s got a little shit to throw
But I know something they don’t know

I make enemies everywhere I go
All day long

I leave victims in my path
In my path
In my path
I leave victims in my path
All day long

Because they ruin all the air where I live and breathe
But I got something up my sleeve
Everybody’s gonna have to feel my wrath
Tonight there’s gonna be another bloodbath

I leave victims in my path
All day long

I make faces at the women and the kids
The women and the kids
The women and the kids
I make dirty faces at the women and the kids
All day long

Because they walk around with the stink and the noise
Oh how I hate the girls and the boys
Who squak and cackle at the height of their fun
It doesn’t do a bit of good for anyone

I make faces at the women and the kids
All day long
Track Name: ...etc...
Found in the back of an arcade
In the dropbox of a skill crane
Oh boy

Made in the men’s room of a truckstop
Interrupted by a beat cop
But don’t stop

A punishment
I cannot afford

All lies
I can’t look the cashier in the eyes

To the people next door
What were they listening for?
On the flood

Surface to swallow my pride
Stumbling block in my stride
Track Name: Slowly
If you have to take it away
Then do it slowly

I’m yours, of course I’m yours

This stupid heart
This stupid heart is breaking

All of this, all of this broken man
Is yours for the taking

If you have to take it away
Then do it slowly
Track Name: Evryman For Himself
The legs go limp
The arms will tire
Evry life will soon expire
And weather it's the time or place
The fist will have to kiss your face

The grand façade
The phoney smile
Will keep you busy for a while
But evry ounce of strength left in you
Lacks the courage to continue

If you feel your luck isn't changing
Close your eyes instead of complaining
Wait around if you are willing
Hopes and dreams will end up killing you

The car will crash
The phone will die
Sometimes you fail before you try
And you can pray for something nice
But no one promised paradise

Held up in traffic
Or down on your knees
Struck with disaster or disease
In between apology and praise
You find you wasted all your days

And if you feel you luck isn't changing
Close your eyes instead of complaining
Wait around if you are willing
Hopes and dreams will end up killing you
Track Name: Fightscene
When I felt your love begin to leave
I wondered what love had achieved
I wondered what I had at stake
An awful lot for nothing’s sake

When I felt your love begin to die
I tried to blind my wandering eye
I tore this little room apart
To shame my misbehaving heart

When I thought your love would bleed me dry
I carried on but god knows why
But why does man do anything?
Build castles or write songs to sing?

When I put your love in a closet box
And bound it up with chains and locks
Then threw the whole thing in the sea
It escaped and wandered back to me

When I felt the love between your legs
The kind of love that moans and begs
Then asks if you can stay the night
Only so to start a fight
Track Name: #2
I wince and I wonder, I cringe and I pout
I’m heartsick but the doctor is out
I told you your eyes look like the stars
But people say stupid things in bars

I’m dragging my knuckles, my knees till they hurt
I’m wiping the blood on my shirt
I’m singing to the mirror alone
Pants at my ankles and ass in my throne

Call me a fake, call me a fool
Egg on my face, and blood in my stool
There’s nothing worse than waking up without
Knowing how you got there or how you’ll get out
Track Name: Debt Collector
Once upon a time there was a man
He was standing where you're standing now
But no one's heard from him

Once upon a time there was a girl
But a girl has other ways to pay
Are you a married man?

When you owe me, you owe me
You don't want to know me
I'll say hi to your friends
See how far
The finger bends

Once upon a time there was a boy
He said things a boy should never say
I crushed his skull and teeth and broke his neck and -

- Once upon a time there was a corpse
Hard to say if it was boy or girl
From what was left behind

When you owe me, you owe me
You don't want to know me
I'll sneak into your house
I'll be as quiet as a
Little mouse

If you were late to church
God may forgive you but the devil will follow you home
And crawl in bed with you

And if you were late for me
I'd take an axe to everything you love
Or my bare hands

When you owe me, you owe me
You don't want to know me
Never a moments rest
I'll rip the infant from his mother's breast
Track Name: Chores
I think I’ll take a walk today
Just to pass the hours away
And yell at all the kids nextdoor
Just to make them nervous

Take my medication twice
Never miss a dosage
The cafeteria looks nice
On a Friday

All my hair is falling out
I still live at my parents house

I never think before I speak
There’s a bandaid on my cheek
From when I cut myself today
While I was shaving

Evry pretty girl I see
Has to ride the bus with me
And I’m hilarious I know
In my sweatpants

Keep all my predators at bay
I won’t leave the house today

Mashed potatoes and roast beef
No smoking section please
Just let me eat my lunch in peace
Or you’ll be sorry

And evrybody looks at me
Then my nose begins to bleed
I hear a voice call after me
The rest is fuzzy

And I don’t know when I lost control
The air is getting very cold
Track Name: Get Out
Get outta my face
Get outta my face
Less you wanna broken jaw and a
Ticket to disgrace

Get outta my house
Get outta my house
Less you wanna fight with me
Well the last one just backed down

Get outta my town
Get outta my town
Less you wanna end up dead
Or never to be found

Get outta my way
Get outta my way
You clogging all the sidewalks with you
Handicap parade
Track Name: Yet Another One For You
You’ve been staying out all night
While I’m sitting here at home
But I recall a time when we had fun:

Traffic’s booming
And the camera’s zooming
In a crane shot high above me
I’m smiling ‘cause you love me
I get lots of company
From other fish in the sea
But I only want the one that’s right for me

Love is wasteful
And often distasteful
But I have an iron will
I’m a good boy and swallow the pill
And when you’re eighty-three
And sick and tired of me
It’s a year I hope I never live to see

Ohh - Bet you couldn’t believe your eyes
Ohh - You in for a big surprise
Love was not
Down the street at the bar

God is a prankster
A low-down dirty gangster
Trying to cure his boredom
By luring you to whoredom
Whatever comes our way
From the bumpy patch to Judgement Day
You can bank on me ‘cause I’ll be here to stay
Track Name: Smartass
Out the door
Pocket poor
Everything I believe in'll
Even the score
This means war

Every night
Find a fight
I get kicked in the teeth
But that's alright
I don't mind

I don't need
I got rid of my best friends
Just for fun
What's done is done

What to do
When I'm through?
I got kicked in the teeth
But so can you
And she can too
Track Name: You Win Some, You Tie Some
It isn’t love
That breaks your heart
It isn’t love
That rips your skull apart
It’s a self inflicted wound you pay
I guess I’ll play the doctor today

It isn’t god
Who strikes the match
It isn’t god
Who’s there to catch you
you use your own two hands to climb
And knock yourself down every time

Everybody wants
Something pretty
A shiny coin
In a filthy city
But if you want the old authentic feel
I guarantee my ugliness is real
I guarantee my ugliness is real
Track Name: Armageddonsong
There are worse things than a crowd
And though to break away is frowned upon
It’s usually allowed
And if there’s anything to take away
From lessons you’ve been taught
It’s prob’ly that
You ought to do it
On your own
All alone
In a room or on the town
Doesn’t matter who’s around
Everyday’s a second chance
It’s still the same old song and
Dance . . .

Armageddon's coming soon
The sun will crash into the moon
But we will still have breakfast

They’ll hand the world to monkeys and dogs
Who’ll rip it apart like lincoln-logs
Makes you want to kill someone

Getting older, getting fatter
People asking what’s that matter
Smile and say godbless you
When you kill me everyday
The public and the private way

You gotta go sometime
You gotta go sometimes soon

Girlfriend, boyfriend
Husband and wife
Oh, what a horrible
Contemptible, miserable life

Imbeciles with alibis
Imbeciles that multiply
Searching for the answer

Billboards tell me where to go
Billboards for my favorite show
Syphilis and cancer
Syphilis and cancer