Daniel Knox

by Daniel Knox

05:29 video


released December 25, 2016


Words and music by Daniel Knox
Counsel and management by Jason Toth
Mixed and engineered by Greg Norman
Additional engineering by Justin Dennis
Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Jason Ward
String arrangements by Daniel Knox
Orchestrations by Jim Cooper
Chief Assistant: Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek
Piano tuned and voiced by Andrew Georgas
Paintings by Gregory Jacobsen, photographed by John Atwood
Design by Sheila Sachs

"By The Venture," "Lawrence & MacArthur," and "Car Blue" were recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio.

"Incident At White Hen" was mixed and recorded by Justin Dennis at Kinora.

"Don't Touch Me" and "14 15 111" were recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio and by Justin Dennis and Daniel Knox at Kinora.

"Blue Car" and "David Charmichael" were recorded by Daniel Knox at his home.

"High Pointe Drive" and "White Oaks Mall" were recorded by Daniel Knox at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center.

"High Pointe Drive," "By The Venture," "Lawrence & MacArthur," and "White Oaks Mall" originally appeared in BLACK & WHITES which was developed in collaboration with John Atwood at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center.

"David Charmichael," "Car Blue," and "14 15 111" originally appeared in 14 15 111 which was developed with John Atwood for a performance at INTUIT - The Center For Intuitive and Outsider Art.

Daniel Knox: Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Melodica
Jason Toth: Drums Percussion
Paul Parts: Electric Bass
Chris Hefner: Musical Saw
Jim Cooper: String Bass
Andra Kulans: Violin, Viola
Ronnie Kuller: Violin
Melissa Bach: Cello
Inger Carle: Viola
Brett Sparks: Backing Vocals
Thor Harris: Vibraphone
Michael B. Davis: Tuba, Trombone, Euphonium
Ralph Carney: Saxophone
Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek: Electric Guitar
Nick Jones: Programming
Katrina Woods: Additional Synth

CHOIR: Daniel Knox, Brett Sparks, Lee Ketch, Angela James, Annie Higgins, Sima Cunningham, Angelique Grandone, Chris Hefner, Sharon Lanza, Nick Jones, Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek, and James Vanecko.


Jason Toth, John Atwood, Justin Dennis, Katrina Woods, Jim Cooper, Paul Parts, Ronnie Kuller, Andra Kulans, Greg Norman, Patrick Monoghan, Mary Wells, Andrea Troolin, Brandon Wetherbee, Nick Jones, Thor Harris, Melissa Bach, Rebecca Lyon, Hans & Callie Lushina, Chris Hefner, Angelique Grandone, Derek Becker, Miranda Lange, Matthew Kaplan, John Allen, Peter Wright, Lorien Reese Mahay, Robert Wilson, Mike & Amy Jackson, Steve Knox, Joyce & Howard Webb, Megan & Shaun Moore, Maria Pessino, Gregory Jacobsen, Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek, Vera Martynov, Adrian Giurgea, Brett & Rennie Sparks, Michael B. Davis, Flo Mano, Molly Bandonis, Charles Rogers, Mark Greenberg, Jack McLarnan, Jason Moody, Chris Renton, Lou Rogai and David Coulter.

All songs written by Daniel Knox and published by Webb Whale Music (ASCAP), administered by Songs of Virtual for North America and Touch Tones Music for the Rest of The World.

This album is dedicated to Ronald James Kenneth Scott.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Blue Car
You can't win
The car will return
With no one behind the wheel
Drive away

You can't win
The beast will appear
But only to you
And no one
Believes you
No one

I'll bring your houses right next to mine
Woodland, Churchill, Lawrence, and Vine
When the sky bends down to spit on the trees
Will you leave me there in once piece?

And you can't win
The car will return
With someone behind the wheel
Drive away
Track Name: Don't Touch Me
Don't touch me
Don't touch me
With dirty hands
God knows where they've been
God knows where they've been
The top of the list
Or the bottom of sin

Don't look at me
Don't look at me
With those eyes
God knows what they've seen
God knows what they've seen
All the unthinkable
All the unclean

When virtue takes the day off
All the pigs will eat from the trough
All the pigs eat from the trough
Shall I begin where I left off

Don't talk to me
Don't talk to me
With those lips
God knows what they've kissed
God knows what they've kissed
The animal tongue
Or the prostitute fist

Don't touch me
Don't touch me
With dirty hands
God knows where they've been
God knows where they've been
God knows where they've been
Track Name: By The Venture
Your house is still there
It looks like garbage
And you sit on the porch
With some old woman
A little statue
A broken shelf
I’m glad you’re laughing
I like to look back and laugh myself

You live by the Venture
Where the cars go
With their lights off
By the Venture
Behind the Venture

Your house is on fire
It has been for ages
Burning alive
All while it rages
Life is a gift
It keeps on giving
See what you’ve done
Look where you’re living

You’ll always live
By the Venture to me
You’ll always live
By the Venture to me
Track Name: Lawrence & MacArthur
Walk around
In your down
Till you've seen
The whole thing
Evry house
Holds on

Tell a lie
Till it's true
To be loved
By the likes of you
Could be something
Could be
Track Name: Incident At White Hen
In your pocket
Or the bedroom
Or the place you'd rather be
From the backyard
Through a window
Tell me who you see

When all you want is more
They'll ask you what it's for

It shoots one in the sky
It puts one in the ground
They'll stick one in your eye
Or the fortune you found
It takes one from the back
Then puts two in a row
It's someone you trust
It's a person you know

When you get your turn
Come just to watch it burn
Could you?
How could you?
Track Name: High Pointe Drive
Your mother and my father bought a house
Your mother and my father bought a house
With a deck and a garage
And a hundred rooms
And a basement wall of doors
Surrounded you

In trouble, in trouble afternoon
In trouble, in trouble in your room
For looking through the hole
At the girl next door
Who would brush her sister's hair
A hundred times

Slow river, low river, waterfall
Slow river, no river after all
For a place is never small
Till it's been seen
Time has worn away the hill from our ravine
Track Name: White Oaks Mall
White Oaks Mall
Before you were born
I drove my car
Around and around
For days on end
From town to town
The fog and the rain
The window down

Stop where you stand
A girl and a man
Are gone from sight
Ten years from now
I tried to get back
I don't know how

White Oaks Mall
The signs are gone
I can't see the light
I don't know the song
Track Name: David Charmichael
The year you almost drown
You crept and crawled into
The house we both share now

The phone falls from your hand
And both your legs begin to fail you
In the morning you will see
Me standing over you
Enjoying this
And I'll say
Something distasteful

In 1995
You met someone but then
As long as you're alive
You'll always have a friend

And I'll know
I'll know
You can be good again
Track Name: 14 15 111
Same game
If without
And you can't win
If you didn't begin
No you can't win . . .

(can't win)
(can't win)

Same game
If without
And you can't win
What you didn't begin
No you can't win . . .